What We Do

Protecting rainforest requires a multi-pronged approach that includes buying, restoring and protecting land; educating people, particularly children, about the importance of rainforests and their inhabitants; and providing opportunities through travel and other awareness raising events for people to experience the timeless beauty of this natural habitat.  In collaboration with other conservation organizations, the our programs and initiatives work towards these goals.  Here is what we’re doing to protect this priceless resource.

The Keel-billed Toucan is one of more than 440 species of birds protected by the Children’s Eternal Rainforest.

Red-eyed Stream Frog: One of the many species of amphibian whose habitat is protected by our land purchase and protection programs.

Land Purchase

Wildlife cannot survive without necessary habitat and pathways for migration.  We help restore the forest.

Land Protection

Rainforest creatures are under continuous threat from poaching and habitat destruction.    This can be prevented.


Community outreach helps people understand that we all depend on the rainforest.  Have us visit your group or school today and give an engaging, informative presentation that will get you excited about the rainforest.

Eco Travel

Experience the forest and its breathtaking array of inhabitants first hand for a trip that will change your view of the world.  Travel with us.