Many good people share our commitment to protect tropical forests. You may find the organizations listed below useful in your search for ways to learn more about and help preserve rainforests, their biodiversity and the indigenous people who live in them.

Several of our “sister” organizations around the world support the protection of El Bosque Eterno de los Niños, the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER), through fundraising, letter campaigns, education and providing volunteers.

Fair Trade seed necklaces, string bags, and chocolate are offered for sale by the Kichwa people of Ecuador’s rainforest. The sale of these items brings income for local indigenous people by using their forest in a sustainable way rather than cutting, mining or drilling it.

Masks, baskets and carvings made by the Emberá people of the Darien forest of Panama are available by special order. Income from their art provides money for schooling, collecting their yet unwritten ancient stories, and development of a mini-eco-tourism project for conservation of their forest. Trips to the tropics, educational presentations about tropical rainforests, children’s books, and artesaneas made by indigenous people are available from MCLUS at

In Guatemala efforts to protect the Peten forest in the north of the country are being spearheaded by Vida Amor de Paz and her foundation.

Rainforest Action Network launches activist campaigns using petitions, letters and protests to call attention to the destruction of tropical forests. Their actions have changed corporate practices which result in protection instead.

Organization that provides funds for teachers to travel:

The following site is for kids, teachers, parents, and anyone else who knows a young person.  And — much of it is addressed to KIDS!  You can help keep the dream alive for the Children’s Eternal Rainforest’s next 20 Years!  Read the story, and ask your teacher if you can be part of the KIDS BOOK PROJECT by drawing your own illustrations and going to to get them published.

Teacher information can be found on the Kids’ Book Project, Note from Jim, Acknowledgments and Contacts pages.  

Dream The Forest Wild project: